It’s (Not) Just Food

Welcome to my site! My name is Asma, and I am an all-around foodie. I hold a B.S. in Food Science from Ohio State University and an MBA in Operations and Supply Chain Management from the University of Illinois at Chicago. I have worked in the food and beverage industry as a Quality Assurance Technician, a Buyer, and now as a Consultant. I also spend a lot of time tinkering in the kitchen. Needless to say, food is my life and my passion.

During my time in the industry, I’ve noticed that the way people think about food has shifted. It’s something you use everyday and should be simple. Right? But in recent years food has become incredibly complicated and difficult to navigate. Like it or not, we have become further removed from our food supply than any time in history, and the closest many people get to spending time on a farm is through Instagram. Compound this with the fact that everything seems to have its own certification (there are over 400 ecolabels in use). No wonder people suffer from label fatigue. You really need to be a savvy food shopper just to make sure you’re buying smart, just like you do with electronics, furniture, or any other good.

I started writing articles because I noticed the lack of real and useful information out there for consumers. My foodie friends complain about the same thing. There are a ton of sensational videos and one-sided information out there, rife with greenwashing and vague deflections. It’s hard to find information that is factual, in-depth, and in layman’s terms. That’s what I’m here for. I use publicly available information and link to it whenever possible. The embedded links you see are to research papers, government agencies, and reliable websites.

I am NOT here to push an agenda or tell anyone what they should or should not eat, drink, or buy. My goal is to help you understand food and beverage regulations, labeling, and policy so you can be confident that you are buying what you think you are buying, can tell the difference between products, and can make sense of packages and labels. Consumers like you hold a lot of power in the dollar you spend and deserve to understand where it’s going and how to use it. Sexy stuff!


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